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Job Opportunity

We’re Growing Again! Langille & Company is looking for a bookkeeper/receptionist to join our team. We are a small, but growing team taking care of the business, accounting and tax needs of small to medium sized businesses and Non-profit groups. Our approach has been so well received that we need more help.  This position will […]

Budget 2016

Budget 2016 The Trudeau government finally introduced its first budget this week, and it was arguably the most awaited budget in over a decade. The Liberals had made many promises during their campaign, but during recent weeks they hinted that some would be delayed, some would be modified, and the deficit, originally promised at $10 […]

Update on Federal Liberal Tax Plans

This last summer during the federal election Justin Trudeau campaigned on a large number of promises to Canadians and they responded by granting him a majority government with a mandate to make good on his intentions to affect “Real Change”. One area that got a lot of attention during the election campaign was Mr. Trudeau’s […]

Double Dipping Can Lead to a Big Tax Bill

I’m seeing more and more people who are reaching the point where they’ve maxed out on their pensions and are quite happy to ‘retire’ from their career, but they’re not quite ready to be done working yet. For many one option is that they can enjoy the fruits of decades of work by starting to draw on […]

It’s a Question of Balance

Tax minimization is a legitimate and integral part of a business strategy, but it’s just one piece of a very large puzzle.  No one wants to pay more taxes than they have to, but business owners have to be careful to balance that objective with other parts of their business strategy. Sometimes tax minimization can […]

Active vs. Passive Marketing

I was talking to a prospective client a couple of weeks ago and we were discussing the different options available for setting up a business – proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.  There’s lots of information online about these options, and that’s not what this article is about – this is about growing your business! When we […]

How to Choose an Accountant

I would love to be your accountant.  My practice is pretty young, it’s still growing and I am actively looking for passionate business people to work with. But that doesn’t mean you should choose me. Choosing an accountant is a big decision.  Your accountant needs to be involved in every financial aspect of your life, […]

When Customers Don’t Pay

Collections are a pain in the neck.  That’s not why you’re in business.  You want to make sales calls, not collections calls.  So we try to mitigate collections by using different policies: credit, COD, deposits (or retainers), terms, early payment discounts.  These are all ways to treat the symptom but not the cause. It has […]

It All Comes Down to the Paperwork

A question that I get asked frequently is: “How long do I have to keep all this paper?  I can get rid of it after seven years right?” Yes. Sort of. Maybe. According to the CRA website, “As a general rule, you have to keep all of the records and supporting documents that are required […]

Why I Don’t Charge for Meetings

There are a couple of different ways that accountants figure out what they are going to charge you to do your accounting and taxes.  They can use a flat rate system where they charge so much for a certain type of work or they can use a quoted system where they quote a price for […]