“Build it and They Will Come”

The line comes from the 1989 film starring Kevin Costner as an Iowa farmer who hears voices and ends up plowing his corn field under to create a baseball diamond.  Miraculously “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and other members of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox show up, start to play baseball in the “Field of Dreams”.  Large crowds come from miles away to see the spectacle (paying a small fee surely) and Costner’s character is saved from bankruptcy.

Fade to present-day.

It’s not uncommon today to run into business people today who firmly believe that business runs in exactly this way.  You come up with a great idea for a product or service open a shop, hang a shingle, and the money will start pouring in.  In fact, as someone who has just opened up his own practice someone recently said exactly that to me – “You’ve built it, they will come!”

I’m under no such illusions.

The success of any business, new or existing, is relentless promotion work.  You have to be working harder at it than the next person.  It’s more than just building a website, maintaining a LinkedIn presence and having a nice storefront.  Your competitors are going to be out there working at taking as much of the market share as they can – yours in particular.  You need to be out there too.

Doing this properly means making a plan.  I can help you develop a plan that is specific to your business and your situation – give me a call. (And stop listening to the voices!)