Its All About Service

The fundamental reason for a business to exist to serve its customer – to fill a perceived need in the consumer.  Everything else, including the specific area of expertise (service or product) in which the business does that is actually secondary. 

There are three pillars that all business stands on: Quality, price and service.

Quality in modern business has become basically a foregone conclusion.  If you can’t maintain a certain minimum level of quality (particularly in a small town) your business won’t likely last very long.

Price for the vast majority of businesses is dictated by the market.  Most businesses do not have the caché to price themselves significantly above the price that their competitors charge and you certainly can’t charge significantly less – you won’t survive professionally or personally.  So you have a fairly narrow range to choose from.

So what does that leave?  Service, of course.

When I set a completed corporate tax return down in front of one of my clients it is very likely that they will not be able to judge its quality (if they had that expertise they likely wouldn’t be coming to see me).  What they will be able to judge is how I treat them.  Do I make them feel welcome?  Do they feel valued?  Do they feel like I am looking out for their best interests in all their tax and financial matters?

You see I am a customer service specialist who just happens to have an expertise in tax, finance and accounting.  The key to success in your business is likely the very same: to be a customer service business – with a specific area of technical expertise.