Value-added services that build on your strengths


Value-added services that build on your strengths
As a Chartered Professional Accountant in the Comox Valley, I offer the full suite of accounting services to clients from preparation of tax returns and financial statements to bookkeeping and back office support.
But at Langille & Company, I go beyond that to deliver exceptional big-picture support and advice to all clients, whether they are just launching a new business or they are seasoned entrepreneurs looking for professional insight.
Coaching and mentoring
If you are just starting out or if the business “back end” is new to you, I offer full-service coaching and mentoring tailored to your unique requirements.
Tax advisory services
No one likes taxes, but they are a fact of life. Let’s talk about them, plan for them, defer them, and integrate your tax plans with your life plans.
Strategic planning

Don’t let your business decisions negatively impact your personal financial decisions. What you need is holistic, long-term planning that builds on the four pillars of financial success. Let me help you think critically about creating and implementing a business plan, a wealth-management plan, a retirement plan and an estate plan.

Business Support

Are you a start up? Let us help you draft business plans, conduct feasibility studies, prepare business valuations, offer financing advice and cash flow analysis. Or are you looking to take that next step and grow? Let us help you with risk management, corporate reorganisation, business process design and more. We can handle most of this in-house with a carefully selected team of qualified professionals.

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