My Guarantee

My Guarantee

Accounting is like any other customer service business – keeping your clients happy is everything. 

When you and I enter into an agreement to do business together I take that very seriously.  This means that you can count on a high level of service and a commitment to your satisfaction.  As part of that commitment each and every client that I have receives these promises:

1. Your work will be completed on time. 

When we meet to start a project we will agree on the timeline – and the deadline.  We’ll make the follow-up appointment right then so you will know exactly when the work will be done.

2. Your work will be delivered on budget. 

When we meet to talk about entering into an engagement I will give you a quote – not an estimate.  I understand that you can’t run a business without cost certainty, and I guarantee you will have that with your accounting fees.  If I make a mistake and can’t do the work for the price I quoted, that’s mine to absorb, not yours.

3. Your tax returns will be correct. 

If, through my error, your taxes are not right or they are filed late I will pay the CRA penalties and interest associated with that.

4. Your questions will be answered – promptly. 

If you have questions you want answers when you need them, not when I get around to it.  Whether it’s a question about income tax, sales tax, financing a new project or how to make use of that new feature in your computerized accounting system – send me an email or give me a call.  I promise to get back to you that day.  In the event that I am away from the office and unable to answer you that day my phone message or email will tell you so that you’re not left wondering.

Your business is important to me, let me prove it to you.

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